Tec Tec Tec XPro2 Review

I wanted to get an inexpensive camera to use for posting some videos. I do not have any background of familiarity in cameras, so I began researching point and shoot cameras and hd action cameras. Most of the reviews on all brands of cameras which I researched seemed to have poor reviews. This caused me to go into the price shopping category. The camera that stood out to me to gamble on with my money was the Tec Tec Tec XPro2. I received the camera before I received the 32 GB scan disk, so I had to wait over the weekend before I could get the disk to allow my camera to record. The camera is very small and seems very simple to use, once one becomes accustomed to its features. I could not get any sound recording out of the 720 HD setting when I tried to record a few videos on those settings. However, I switched the camera to 1080 HD and got it to start providing audio on playback. For around eighty seven dollars, so far this camera seems to fit my initial needs, and is small and light weight enough for me to carry it with me. I do not believe I would try to use this for motovloging on a motorcycle, as there does not appear to be a way to add an external mic through the waterproof casing. However, I would find this useful in a car to record just fine. Overall, I like the camera and do not feel like I made a poor purchase. I will add more video of shots recorded with this camera in the near future.

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